A belated “Happy New Year”!

At last we are in the year where it will all be better.  Well, I hope so anyway!  Since my last post we have had the Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Day.  I hope yours went well.

One thing I did at Christmas was to go to the Worcester Cathedral Christmas Tree Festival.  There were loads of decorated trees in the Cathedral cloister.  Some were from schools, some from charities and some from commercial organisations.  Most were fab!

Here I’ve used my mobile’s Silky Water mode, (yes, again!), and walked as fast as I could down the cloister.  I had to wait till there weren’t too many people.  I like the combination of warm orangey lights and cooler blue lights.

This is rather closer to home;  well, it’s actually at home.  We had some Xmas lights left over, so we put them in the mini-stairwell going down to our kitchen.  I went up the other stairs and wobbled the phone around in, you guessed it, Silky Water mode.  I simplified the image by converting it to black & white in Snapseed.

Having reached the kitchen it was time to pop my clip-on macro lens to the front of my mobile.  Here are some condensation droplets on the underside of the plastic film on the top of a ready-meal.  It just shows that there are interesting abstract images in the most mundane of things.

I’m thinking of running some photo walks in Worcester.  if you are interested pop me an email.

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