A steam-powered gin palace!

I recently led another photography holiday for HF Holidays.  One of the places we visited was the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth.  It’s famous for having a heritage railway line; the Severn Valley Railway.  Like every tourist attraction they are always thinking of new ways to attract people.  On the day we were there the “Gin Train” was about to leave.  It had a special dining car carriage, and The Little Gin Company was running a gin tasting trip.  This sort of event just cries out for a story to be told in a series of images rather than just one image.

The first stage of the trip was checking in.  Everyone there had made a special effort to look smart, and they were clearly looking forward to the trip.  The back and white conversion allows us to concentrate on the faces and expressions rather than being distracted by any bright colours.

In the dining car kitchen some gins had already been set up for the tasting.  I grabbed a shot through the open window just before the train left.  I was so pleased than just one glass was facing me, as it simplified the image.

I ran round the a footpath on the other side of the tracks to get the train leaving.  It was an eight carriage train so the loco was having to work hard to get going.  This sort of image works well in black and white.  As with many of my images I cropped it so that a line comes from exactly in the corner.  It’s a powerful composition tool.

If you are interested in gin, or in steam trains, it’s a great day out, and good for photography too.

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