Selfie expression

There was a TV programme on this week about the selfie craze.  It’s something that has come from almost nowhere, to be the thing that you just have to do when you are out and about.  It’s then got to be posted on social media.  Some argue that it feeds a need for the new generation to be seen to be having a great time, rather than just having a great time.

There are places to take selfies springing up, so you can take the same image as everyone else.  It’s a curious way to assert your individuality.  This one was by was of a parody, and was at Banksy’s Dismaland alternative art show in Weston Super Mare a few years ago.  There were still lots of folks using it though.

This one was used as advertising for the sheepsmilk Roquefort cheese, and was near the fabulous Millau Viaduct in France.  The hat reads “Death to Cows”.  My eye was caught by the abandoned apple juice bottle on a seat nearby.

This was also in France, at one of the sites being used for the “Rencontres des Arles” photography exhibition.  There was a series of them, and it wasn’t clear if they was being used in an ironic way, or if they just wanted folks to have a bit of fun.  The juxtaposition of the hard hat sign on an adjacent building site was to good to miss.

Perhaps it is an extension of those cutouts of people in bathing costumes that were at the seaside for you to stick your head through for other people to photograph?  It’s someone else’s idea of where to take a photo though, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable.  Perhaps I should lighten up!

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