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2010 marks the start of my 10th year in business as a professional photographer!!! 

It’s been a fascinating ten years, and the one thing that has remained constant is this; the need to continually change!   My latest change is that I’ve launched a new portrait photography service and a new wedding photography service, and updated my website to reflect these changes. 

The reason for the change is simple; now that nearly everyone has a digital camera, I think that the very informal “reportage” style of image popular in the “Noughties” is undervalued.  I reckon that professional photographers need to demonstrate their skill and creativity by using a wide range of lighting techniques inside the studio, and by taking carefully composed, unusual, and distinctive portraits when shooting on location – so that’s what I’m doing!  

Here’s an example of what I mean… 

"Directional light studio portrait" by Gale Photography

"Directional light studio portrait" by Gale Photography

This studio portrait uses a hard-edged strongly directional light to create a pool of light with areas of shadow.  It allows us to concentrate on the person’s face. 

Contrast it with the next studio portrait, where natural light from a window gave much softer lighting (nature’s softbox!), yet still produced a very powerful image.

"Window light portrait" by Gale Photography

"Window light studio portrait" by Gale Photography

In both cases the background is dark, but the difference in lighting creates a different mood in each image. 

The same emphasis on lighting is used for location portraits.  This image uses off-camera flash, and that flash was balanced with the ambient light to create a dramatic mood, again with areas of light and shadow. 

"Off-camera flash outside" by Gale Photography

"Off-camera flash location portrait" by Gale Photography

This style of portrait is much harder to get right than using more diffuse light, but the end results are definitely worth it.  They’re more dramatic, more individual, and more different.

The same philosophy applies to the new wedding photography service.  All of your friends and family will be taking loads of informal images, so instead of doing the same, I’m now offering a bride and groom “wedding fashion shoot”.  In this shoot the emphasis is on producing a great set of distinctive images of the two of you, and of each of you.

"Bridal Fashion Portrait" by Gale Photography

"Bridal Fashion Portrait" by Gale Photography

Sounds interesting?  You can find out more about this exciting new portrait and wedding photography service at the new Gale Photography website at   Have a look and let me know what you think. 


Gale Photography

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