The more the merrier?

It’s fascinating to me that the first question anyone ever asks me about my digital camera is, “How many megapixels has it got?”.  To me this proves the power of marketing. Cameras are sold on the basis that “more pixels = better quality pictures”.   True??   Not necessarily, but we don’t have time for that discussion today.  Perhaps it’s more to do with the person behind the camera…

3 mega pixels

Let me give you some examples.  The image above was shot with a 3 megapixel camera, in the days when a 3 megapixel camera wasn’t a kid’s toy!   Times soon changed, and the “next big thing” was a 6 megapixel camera.

6 megapixels

6 megapixels was enough for me to print images up to at least 36 x 24 inches.  Most folks don’t want anything much bigger than that, even for family portraits.  Nowadays a typical digital camera is something like 10 megapixels.  That’s more than enough for most people!

10 megapixels

You should have noticed the the style of the images is similar, because they were all taken by the same photographer – me! 

Whatever the megapixels of your camera, the most important thing to remember is to use all the pixels you’ve got.  Fill the frame with your chosen subject, so you don’t have to crop the image very much to get the final print size you want.  It’s also worth remembering that photographic training is much more about the person than the camera, so you can benefit from a creative photography course or Photo Trek, regardless of what sort of camera you  have.

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