Fine Art Photography

“Magical images – all the better for being mysterious and allowing the imagination to roam”   N. Moon

I’m drawn to create images that require examination and investigation.  Images that are natural but can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Images where colours swirl into each other and edges are undefined, yet you can imagine shapes and forms.  Images that are open to interpretation and evoke emotion, where the scale is ambiguous leaving it to you to decide for yourself what you are looking at.

These images are perfect if you’re looking for unique Fine Art Photography for your home, or if you’re an interior designer who wants fantastic contemporary photography to enhance your client’s scheme.

Prices, sizes, media and thumbnails of ready-to-buy in stock images can be seen here.

If you have a particular type of image in mind, why not commission it from me?  Give me a call to discuss your ideas, and please leave a message if I am out of the office.

This slideshow is of some of my “Invisible Beauty” series images.

Studio: 01793 783859

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