Training Calendar

“Friendly, humorous, well-run course.  Would highly recommend to others.” John S

I regularly run one-day workshops for the Royal Photographic Society in Bath.

The first is “An Introduction to The Creative Eye“.

“This workshop will help you to see the photographic potential of the world around you.  At the end of the day you’ll be able to compose pictures that have much more impact and interest, and will be inspired to move your photography to another level.” 

There’s also a new workshop on “Movement in Photography“.

“So many of our images are of static subjects, and we are trained to keep the camera as still as possible when we press the shutter.  We’re also trained to keep the shutter speed short to avoid blur from a moving subject.  This workshop aims to change all that! It’s all about showing movement, or stopping it creatively.”

For more information on these workshops, and to book your place online, visit the RPS website.

A further 1-day workshop, “Composition and seeing the Image“, is available for groups of around 10-12 photographers.  Venue by arrangement.  Contact me for details.

I also offer personalised photographic training for individuals, and bespoke workshops for groups.  For more information go to the One-to-One or Bespoke Workshops pages.

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