It’s all a matter of further perspective

I recently attended a concert at the fascinating Pershore abbey.  It’s suffered a bit over the centuries, and one side is held up with several flying buttresses.  I had some time to kill before the start of the concert, so wandered around and took a shot of the abbey with my mobile phone.  There is a pair of peregrine falcons nesting on the tower, and by chance I caught one in flight.  The nearby pigeons on the roof look a bit startled!

My mobile phone has quite a wide-angle lens, so the abbey is doing the leaning back thing that you get with wide-angle lenses and low viewpoints.  It’s called “converging verticals”.  This can be corrected in-camera with a special lens called a shift lens, or it can be done in post-processing.  My mobile phone doesn’t have a shift lens…

My phone does have a free image-editing app called Snapseed, and it has a Perspective Control feature.  It allows you to correct the converging verticals so the building looks straight.  It’s now a technical image and not at all pictorial.  This is how it would be in books and websites about church architecture.  It allows you to see all the features in the correct scale and proportions.  I converted it to black & white to simplify it.

That corrected image is a bit dull, so one way to undull it (is undull even a word?) is to exaggerate the perspective.  Again I used Snapseed but this time made the verticals very much more converging.  It now looks a bit like a tall rocket ship pointing at the sky.  I’ve toned it, and added a grungy filter so it’s got that Gothic horror look.  Someone said it was where the vampire undead of Pershore rested during the day!

As I said, it’s all a matter of perspective.  Anyway, the concert was great fun.

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