Reflection and refractions

It’s well and truly autumn now and the sun, when it’s out, is at a much lower angle to things than at the same time of day in summer.  That lower light angle means that lots more photographic opportunities arise.

There are very busy spiders living on and around our window frames.  However often you clean off their webs, they spin new ones really fast.  The low angle morning sunlight picked up this one and gave fabulous refraction colours.  The hedge in shadow in the background gave good contrast.  I used a macro lens, and used manual focus with full lens aperture to have just a tiny bit of the web in focus.  The out of focus backlit highlights now look like multi-coloured barcodes.

Landscapes also benefit from the lower angled light.  Here at Sharpness on the River Severn, (no soft images here!), the muddy areas and the river have picked up some delicious reflections from the low sun.  It’s given good contrast.  In fact the contrast was so strong I had to use HDR processing to get some shadow detail back.

The sun’s position relative to a cloud bank meant that the Severn bridges and Oldbury power station were silhouetted against a bright sky.  The reflections off the river put some life into the otherwise just dark foreground.

Low autumn light?  Embrace the change!

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