A tale of three beaches

I recently had a few days down in the wonderful Gower Peninsular in Wales.  It’s justly famous for its wonderful beaches.  I did wonder, what with all these staycations and everything, that it might be a bit more crowded than usual; it wasn’t!  Sure, there were bits that were busy, but there’s so much space on the beaches that people can spread out a bit.

Rhossilli beach is a case in point.  When the tide goes out the sandy area is huge.  The wind was quite strong so the wave patterns were fabulous.  As the tide was still going out the beach was wet, giving great cloud and sky reflections.  You can see it’s a great beach for dog walking.  I isolated the section of beach I wanted by zooming my Panasonic TZ100 to its longest focal length.

When the tide goes out on these beaches it’s a long walk to the sea for a swim.  These two swimmers on Pobbles beach are taking the chance to have a chat as they walk.  I have placed them in the corner to emphasis the space.  It was a happy accident that they are in step.

One of my favourite places on Gower is Whitford Burrows.  There’s a really long beach with views over to Pembrokeshire in the distance.  It’s less visited than the southern Gower beaches.  It was a delightful surprise to see these Gower ponies running along the beach.  The lines of the seaweed, beach, sea and background have split the image into sections and there’s a nice bit of telephoto compression that makes the background seem closer.

A tale of three beaches.

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