First (Street) among equals?

Last weekend I was up in Manchester for a social event.  I stayed in the First Street district, which is all shiny new office and entertainment buildings.  There’s a lot of glass, and a lot of rectangles.  I popped out one morning with my Lumix TZ-100 compact camera to try and capture the feel of the area.

Some of the architecture is a bit disturbing, such as this, the INNSIDE hotel.  It’s a bit odd standing underneath a large lump of a building that has no visible means of support.  I was careful to ensure I got a nicely symmetrical image.  It’s a shame the glass balcony didn’t quite line up!

Some concessions to aesthetics have been made with the frontages of some buildings.   These large blue glass panels contrasted well with the smaller panels on the other part of the building.  I zoomed in to simplify and abstract the image.  I’ve used Perspective Crop in Photoshop to get it all square to the image frame.

Later that morning I went to the Christmas market in the square outside the Town Hall.  From there I could see the sunlight shining through the roof “blade” of the 554 ft Beetham Tower skyscraper.  Exposing for that light, and letting the less lit areas go very dark, gave a composition of white, blue and black.  I was very impressed with how well the lens/sensor coped with the extreme lighting conditions, showing little flare.

It would be interesting to see how the area looks in softer light.  That’s for next time I think.

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