Pattern pictures or Patton pictures?

I recently went to a dinner to raise money for Normandy veterans.  As well as the veterans there were some World War 2 re-enactors.  One in particular stood out as he was the absolute spit of controversial WW2 General George S Patton.  The level of detail he had gone to to replicate Patton’s equipment was extraordinary.  I made it a project to capture how he looked without getting his whole body in.  My mobile phone made it easier.

Here’s Patton’s three-star general helmet and “swagger” stick/riding stick.  The stick is a nod to his pre-war days in the cavalry.  It was hard to avoid getting me in the helmet reflections.

He was famous for wearing a Colt single action army pattern revolver with initialled ivory grips in a holster on his right hip.  He sometimes wore a 357 Magnum on the other hip.  The quality of the costume was amazing.  If you look hard at the shiny little button on the holster you can see me in a dinner suit!

Also as a reference to his cavalry days were his brown leather riding boots.  They went well with the wood of the floor.  The passing leg was a happy accident.

The sequence of images runs from top to toe, and you can assemble them into a sort of whole body shot (if you use your imagination), so it’s a portrait without the person’s face.


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