One or two or three?

Last week I was leading a photography holiday in Cornwall.  On one day I had a chance to go for a walk between St Ives and Lelant, via Carbis Bay.  It was fabulous weather with bright sunshine and a good breeze. Near to Carbis Bay the view from the cliffs was stunning.  There were just a few people on the beach and there were gulls circling.   I got out my TZ-100 camera and took a group of three people on the beach.  I waited till a gull was in shot to give some balance.

This is the original image with three people and a gull.

I tried a simple edit in Photoshop to remove the third person.  I think it’s changed the story to be more about the relationship of couple and their romantic walk on the beach.

Losing the couple and keeping the single person gave yet another story.  Now it’s more about solitude, or perhaps loneliness.

I put those three images up on Facebook and asked which one people preferred.  More people preferred the one with the three people, but there was a unanimous wish that the gull was gone, as they thought it was a distraction.  This final image has no gull!  I think I agree with them as it’s now about the three people and their relationship to the sea.

Moral?  The only good gull is one that’s not there.

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