Another HF holiday led

Last week I was leading another HF Holidays photography holiday.  This time it was down in Somerset, and was all about landscape photography.  To my mind “landscape photography” is not only about the big view but also the small details that make up that view.  A macro image can be landscape.

The guests were great fun and it was a delight to work with them.  We travelled around in West Somerset and even strayed into Devon.  Yes, we did have the  discussion about the correct order for a cream tea; jam first or cream first on the scone?  A favourite place with the guests was Porlock Weir.  It’s got a big view of Porlock Bay and a fabulous stony beach to ensure foreground interest.

Even the famous Butlin’s tent in Minehead got a look in.  The weather was a bit challenging (wet!) on one day, though Plan B worked and we stayed dry.  It did mean that the sky was full of interest, with light and shade and cloud and sun all happening at the same time.  I’ve used a Dramatic B&W Art setting on my TZ-100, and enhanced it even more in post-processing.  If you look hard you can see sunlit raindrops falling.

The people in a landscape add scale and interest too.   At Minehead harbour the sun came out and produced a good silhouette and shadow of this person sitting in a shelter.  I loved the mix of clarity and mystery it gives.

Next HF stop is Shropshire in June.  I’m looking forward to it.

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