The fifth wettest March in the UK since records began

It’s April now, so folks will be going on about April showers.  Well, we had a lot of rain in March!  It was, according to the Met Office, the fifth wettest March on record.  Not, you would think, conducive to photography.  I might disagree with that.  Rain, and overcast days, are great for photography.  Blue skies are boring!

There was a very heavy shower recently.  I had looked out of the hall window to check the weather and noticed that there were very big raindrops bouncing off my car roof.  I fitted my 100-300m lens to my E-M10 and focused manually on the spot where I wanted the drops to land.  I set the lens to its maximum aperture to give a nice blurry background.  It wasn’t very bright, so I pushed the ISO up to 1000 to give a reasonable shutter speed.  It came out at 1/4 sec.  Longer would have blurred the water too much.  It took quite a few frames to give a good drop pattern.  Cool look though.

One another March day I was in Swindon town centre.  It was, as they say, “trying to rain” with a lot of overcast cloud, so the light level was way down.  I thought the low light level was a perfect chance to use the “Silky water” light painting mode on my Huawei phone.  I kept the shutter open as I walked through a pedestrian tunnel.  It’s very mysterious.

This final image also used the “Silky Water” mode.  There’s a water feature in Swindon where water flows over a series of stainless steel ribs.  Moving the camera down accentuated the rib structure, yet took away any semblance of reality.  The low contrast due to the weather made it easy to keep the highlight detail.

Bad weather is good weather really.

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