A cathedral but no cathedra.

I recently I gave my “Movement in Photography” talk to Salisbury Camera Club.  I had a chance to wander round the cathedral before my talk.  It was a lovely clear evening, so I took the chance to test my phone camera for night photography.

This was a while after sunset, in the so-called “Blue Hour”.  It’s hand-held with no tripod, but still sharp.  I think the camera takes a number of frames and chooses the sharpest one.  I’ve used Perspective Crop in Photoshop to get the verticals nice and vertical.  There’s a nice colour contrast between the warm gold of the floodlights and the cool blue of the sky.

Inside there’s a new art installation with ladders of light.  I rested my phone on the edge of the font to get a perfect reflection.  The font is like an infinity pool, so it looks as if the cathedral’s flooded.

A cathedral is the seat of a bishop, and their throne is called a cathedra.  Us regular folk have to sit on regular chairs.  In Salisbury Cathedral there are stacks of metal-framed chairs in the side aisles.  The stacks do make interesting patterns.  Here I have gone for a symmetrical composition, but the the change in light on the tubes brings in variation.  It’s like the spine of an animal.

The cathedral in Salisbury is well worth a visit, and it’s now been declared safe after the Novichok incident.

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