“steady your device”

I recently updated my phone to Pie, the latest version of Android.  It also updated my phone camera software, and the settings were all in different places!  It took a while to find one of my favourites which is the “Silky Water” light painting mode.  It’s designed to be used with the camera held still, but I love the effects you get when the camera is moved about during the exposure.  It’s called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).

This week, whilst waiting for a friend at the Watermill Theatre near Newbury, I went for a walk.  The River Lambourn flows past the Watermill, and a short distance away it is bridged by the infamous A34 trunk road.  The bridge is very functional indeed, with large girders spanning the river.  Whilst it’s quite an oppressive thing to stand underneath, the structure is a great base to use with ICM.

The image you get depends very much on the place you start and how you move the camera.  They are unique images, in that it’s almost impossible to exactly reproduce the movement.  Here I concentrated on the girders and twisted the camera round so the effective viewpoint changed.  I’ve inverted it in post-processing so the river is now at the top as a band of mist.

Moving the camera only in one plane has allowed the bridge structure to be the main focus.  Once more I have inverted the image in post-processing so the lines in the composition work better. The ICM technique takes away detail leaving just the main elements.

I’m now trying a technique where I move the camera for part of the exposure and keep it still for part of the exposure.  In this image I kept it still in at least three places and then moved it so there was a central line splitting  the image in half.  It’s now an array of lines and angles, and looks a bit like an open book.

When I took these images the camera kept saying “steady your device”.  I think not!

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