I’ve really mist you!

It’s autumn, and we have entered, to quote Keats, the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”.  Mist and haze are great things for landscape photography as they can add mood and depth to your images.  Perfect visibility is wonderful, but it can leave your images a bit flat.

This image of Langdale in the UK’s Lake District is a good example.  The haze and cloud separate the image into different areas with different densities.  There is much better separation of the “recession planes” as they are known.

Mist can also simplify your images.  The tree is silhouetted more strongly against the sky and distant landscape because of the mist.  If the background landscape had the same shade of grey the foreground tree would be lost somewhat.

Mist really adds even more space to this image than in the first one.  It separates the ranges of hills from each other.  I had to use a telephoto lens to get the composition I wanted, and without the mist the resulting perspective compression would have made the hills all blend into each other.

Mist is your friend.

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