I still Leica new phone!

You will recall from my last blog post that I now have a new camera that also makes phone calls.  It has a much more powerful camera app than my previous phone, and I am still getting to grips with it.

Its “Silky Water” light painting mode is very interesting.  It takes a series of images and overlays them.  These wind turbine blades clearly show the effect of the repeated images.  It was taken handheld at dusk so the non-moving parts were a bit shaky.  I’ve added some movement blur in Photoshop to cover my tracks…

No worries about covering up movement blur here as I was moving the phone quite fast.  The colours of the clothes in a wardrobe have blended together very nicely.  The little swirl I gave makes the image different to what can be achieved by adding dead-straight movement blur in post-processing.

On the last night of my recent photography holiday lead in Whitby we were treated to an open-top bus tour at sunset.  It was a great opportunity to look over the high wall surrounding Whitby Abbey.  The sun was setting over Kettleness Point to the north-west and it silhouetted the Abbey nicely.  It felt a bit odd being on the east coast and seeing the sun set that far round.  I shot using HDR mode and edited the image as the tour continued.

I’m sure there are more things to learn about the camera.  Being a mobile phone it doesn’t have an instruction book.  It’ll be fun finding out!

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