Less is more…

Some days it all just comes together nicely.   I need to take my small, green, Italian classic car for a spin, and we noticed that there was a classic car show, and open gardens day, at a village about 10 miles away.  So it was out with the polish and off to the show – and the gardens.   There were about 170 cars there ranging from 1920’s stuff up to new Aston Martins.  It was a real treat to see such a mixture of machinery.  I was very surprised to see that my Pininfarina was the only Italian car there!  No Alfas, Lancias, Fiats or even Ferraris. 

I had taken along my Panasonic FX-500 compact digital camera and tried to capture the atmosphere.  If I took images of whole cars I  found that it was hard to get “clean” compositions.  There was usually a person (or lots of people) in the background, and the other cars, whilst giving context, confused things photographically.  Here’s an example of a small, green, Italian car…

small spider for blog

It’s an OK image, with a good colour contrast between the green Pininfarina and the red TVR behind it, but the roofs of the other cars in the background do break up the lines a bit too much.  The FX-500, like so many compact digital cameras, will focus to within a few centimeters of the subject, so I decided to experiment with clean, simple, close up images of the cars’ badges instead trying to get the  whole car; “Less is more”.  Chrome radiators and shiny bonnets are very reflective, so you do need to be careful that your own reflection isn’t in the pictures! 

Car designers spend a lot of time getting the badges just right, and they are often small works of art in themselves.  Triumph’s badge shows them ruling the world…

triumph for blog

Bentley’s badge on the other hand, is a model of simplicity and elegance.  The red B with wings either side echoes Bentley’s older “Flying B” bonnet mascot.

bentley for blog

Here I think that the sunny highlight on the badge really lifts the image. 

Hope this has given you some food for thought, and that you will enjoy taking this sort of image on your own compact digital cameras in future. 


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