My first 2018 HF holiday completed.

Last week I was leading my first HF Holidays photography holiday of the year.  It was in the fantastic county of Derbyshire.  We were based just up a side valley from beautiful Dovedale, so it was an easy walk down.

Dovedale on a summer half-term weekend was very busy, but if you moved away from the most popular sites, such as the famous Dovedale stepping stones, it was a bit quieter.  We concentrated on the weirs and cascades, and there were great images to be found.  This small weir section looks like migraine zigzags!  I had to underexpose by 2 stops to get the highlights as I wanted them.

As well as visiting sites in Derbyshire where water has played a major role; Dovedale, New Mills, Buxton, Bugsworth Basin (to name but a few), we also visited the atmospheric Magpie Mine, an old lead mine.  There are many mines and quarries in Derbyshire where man has extracted riches from the ground, and in fact continues to do so.  This image shows the replica horse-powered lifting engine.  It’s near two very deep shafts and the original one was used to haul miners back to the surface  Rather them than me!

During the holiday we had a free day, which I used to research potential sites for future photography holidays.  I was struck by this lone tree near a huge abandoned quarry complex near Castleton.  The cropped letterbox composition gave the best shape to the image.  Nature has a way of coming back.

I’m looking forward to my next HF Holidays lead in July.

Robert KimberleyJuly 14, 2018 - 9:21 pm

Thanks for holiday tuition at Church Stretton.

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