It’s all a bit Gothy in Whitby.

Last week I was up in Derbyshire and Yorkshire doing some research for a couple of photography holidays I am leading for HF Holidays.  One of the places I visited was Whitby and by a happy coincidence the famous Whitby Goth Weekend was happening.  There were lots of people in fabulous outfits and all seemed happy to pose for photos.  It would have been rude not to…

One of the key locations for the weekend is the ruins of Whitby Abbey.  It’s a real eyecatcher up on a hill overlooking the town, and is about as Gothic as they come.  I used the Dynamic Monochrome Art Effect on my Olympus EM-1o.  I’m not too proud to use the Art Effects from time to time, though I save a RAW file as well of course.  I exposed for the sky to give a nice dark mood.

Some of the headgear on show was pretty full-on.  This person was in full-length leather and studs, but I concentrated on their mask and hat with horns.  It looks a bit like a selective colour image but it’s not.  The wall behind was white which made the red on the horns stand out very clearly.

On the subject of headgear, this guy’s top hat was one of the tallest I saw.  He was wearing a very elegant black jacket and neck decoration.  I have reduced the colour saturation to make him look a little washed out.  Those vampires do take their toll you know!

I managed to avoid all the vampires and escaped, so I was able to get all my holiday research done.  Phew!

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