Supermoon and super moonlight

Here in Oxfordshire in January we had a supermoon.  It’s where the moon is closer to the earth than normal, so it’s very bright.

The supermoon sky was clear so it gave me a chance to set up my Panasonic 100-300mm lens on a tripod and take some lunar portraits.  I used a focal length of about 270mm rather than the full 300mm as it’s a little bit sharper.  The effective focal length was 540mm.  I needed to crop the image somewhat, but it’s more than acceptable.  Full moons aren’t as interesting as 3/4 full moons, as there’s no terminator visible on a full moon. The terminator generally has a more interesting light angle, with crater edges being picked out.

The following evening the sky was still clear, so I tried a long exposure using just moonlight.  My E-M10 has a very useful “Live Time” mode that’s perfect for long exposures.  It allows me to follow the exposure on the rear monitor as it builds up.  I used an exposure of 3 minutes.  It’s amazing how correct the colours look and how sharp the shadows are.  The giveaways that show it’s a long exposure are the star trails in the sky and the lights in the left-hand side of the house.

Supermoons are superfun.  I look forward to the next one.

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