Chase the weather!

Recently I was out looking for a camera club venue.  I am giving a talk there for the first time soon and wanted to be sure of the route.  They do say that, “time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted.”  Sure beats looking for it in the dark under time pressure!  There was a huge cumulonimbus cloud to the south of me and it was making the sky look pretty impressive.

After finding the club venue I decided to chase the cloud.  On the way to where it was I passed an old hotel that had been mostly demolished.  There was just the central core building left.  The aftermath of the large cloud was in the sky.  I managed to push my wide-angle lens through the fencing around the site and capture the building’s isolation.  Black and white conversion with an HDR treatment on the already contrasty sky gave a suitably Gothic look.

I kept after the cloud and found myself near Uffington’s “White Horse Hill”.  The White Horse is a Bronze Age monument around 3000 years old.  The cloud had passed the hill and was heading east.  Against the blue sky it was most impressive.  Another black and white conversion and a contrast boost gave the effect I wanted.  The little S-shaped cloud in the top right balanced the left-side-biased composition.

Thunderclouds like cumulonimbus carry a lot of water and it has to go somewhere.  On a walk a day or so later I came across a canal lock.  There was a huge amount of water going down the lock’s bypass channel and a “fountain” of water coming under the lock gates.   I had my Lumix TZ-70 with me and set the shutter speed to 1/10th second to show the water movement of the fountain.

No need to wish for cloudless dry weather, rain clouds give you more.

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