It’s a sign of the times

On my workshops I always suggest to students that they keep their eyes open for things that are out of the ordinary or are a bit of a contradiction.  The signs that people put up can fit into that category, and photographing them is a type of street or documentary photography.

Sometimes a sign appears quite normal at first glance but then it “does your head in ” because of the information it does, or doesn’t, contain.  The mystery here is what happens on the 28th March…

Sometimes a sign tells a story that make you worry.  This sign, seen in Winchester, had clearly been in place quite a while.  Whilst I loved the idea that the mechanism was “at fault”, it was obvious that the building’s maintenance left a lot to be desired.  The sign on the main exit door told so much about the rest of the building.

I think this sign tells its own story.  I particularly like the missing bottom right corner.  The sign has been used so many times that the Bluetac has ripped the corner off.  Austerity?

This sign was important enough to put on a metal sheet.  The sheet was screwed to the wall with care so it was straight and level.  What went wrong, and when did it become just a blank metal plaque?  There is some evidence that something has been Sellotaped on to the plaque.  Sellotape?  Standards have slipped!

Just some signs on the wall or in windows, but they can tell us so much.

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