There are images everywhere!

Last weekend I was up in Manchester for a social event.  As usual I took my little Lumix TZ-70 along with me.  It’s got a broad zoom range and is eminently pocketable, so I always have it with me.  Being a photographer means that I am looking for, and seeing, images everywhere.

There was a Christmas Market in Albert Square in front of the very impressive Town Hall.  It was very, very busy indeed!  A big illuminated Santa and lights at the market cried out for a bit of camera movement.  I made sure you could still read “Merry Christmas Manchester” by keeping the camera still for a bit of the time the shutter was open.  There’s lots of colour.

I’ve been taking “view from hotel bedroom window” images for a long time now.  This is from our Manchester hotel early in the morning.  To get it I had to tuck myself under the window blind.  It’s made an intriguing image which has the reflection of the blind cord as well as the tall buildings opposite.  It’s a much more muted colour palette than Santa.

At the social event I got a little notebook out of my Christmas cracker.  It has a cover made from holographic paper, and the spectra from it caught my eye every time I moved it.  I reckoned that there was an abstract image to be found in those spectra.  When I got home I put a macro lens on my Olympus E-M10 and took some out of focus images of the highlights.  I used a single-LED torch to make the colours strong.

Three images with varying scale and varying colour palette.  There were hundreds more I could have taken.  Try looking around you in different way and you can start to see them yourself.

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