The horse above the mist

I live quite near to White Horse Hill in Oxfordshire.  It’s a chalk figure on the edge of the Marlborough Downs and the views from up there are fabulous – on a good day.  Last week there was fog/mist in our village, which is quite a bit lower than the hill, so I wondered what it would look like from up on the hill.  Would stuff be poking up out of the mist?  So off I went.

Sure enough there were things that were visible above the mist; the five Watchfield wind turbines.  They really were quite spooky as they slowly rotated.  I used my longest lens, a 600 mm equivalent, to isolate them.  You can just see some other bits of landscape in the foreground.

The light looking up towards the Iron Age hill fort of Uffington Castle was very strong.  The sun’s low angle relative to the fort’s sides meant that each bit of dew-covered grass was backlit.  I framed the sun behind the old sign warning about the site’s protected status, and used a wide-angle lens to get more of the fort’s embankments.

As I was about to leave a man who was walking his dog turned up.  He was silhouetted against the backlit wet grass, and the sun was also shining through the sheep’s wool on the fence.  All in all it was a great place to be.

Half an hour later all the mist had gone.

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