It pays to wait – sometimes!

So there I was on top of Pico Arieiro on Madeira and the weather was fantastic!  It’s 1818 metres above sea level but it was 30C and the sun was very fierce!  Looking down from the peak towards Santana and Eagle Rock was spectacular.  What looks like the sky in the background is in fact the sea due to the extreme downward-looking angle.  The weather was a bit too good though!

There are some attractive recessions, and the impressive volcanic geology of the island is clearly shown, but it’s lacking a bit of mood or atmosphere.  What I needed was some clouds…

… and I got some a couple of days later.  Just off the E202 road towards Poiso there’s a grassy site that has great views back towards Pico Arieiro, with its radar station, and Pico das Torres.  There was a lot of cloud and the peaks were hidden, (it’s the downside of interesting weather), but I waited a while and the clouds on the peaks cleared.  There was still cloud in the valley which added to the mood.  The result is a much more atmospheric image than the one from the top of Pico Arieiro.  Waiting is a good thing.

Or is it?  On the way back from Madeira I stopped off in Lisbon for a few days.  There’s a new gallery near Belem called MAAT.  Outside there was a bride and groom having a photoshoot.  I liked the contrast between them, the building and the security guard in the background.  I thought it might make an interesting image.  Just as I was taking it I become aware of a passing cyclist who wanted to get a shot herself.  I had to react very quickly before she had gone too far.  It’s a far more interesting image than the one I had planned!

So it’s important to wait and also important to not wait.  That’s clear then!

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