Just colour and shape.

Sometimes, whilst travelling, you come across something that’s just so colourful it’s crying out to be photographed.   If you do it’s often better to concentrate on just one section, rather than trying to get the whole thing.  By doing this you can produce images that are more abstract, or at least semi-abstract.

Take this doorway in Aviero, Portugal.  It’s a bit of a feature of the town that the buildings are painted in bright colours.  Think of it as being like Tobermory, but with sunshine!  By selecting just a part of the door and its surroundings, I have reduced the image to a simpler composition of shape and colour.  It’s no longer just a record image of a door.

This is a more extreme treatment of some walls in the Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa.   It’s hard to see that they refer to houses.  It’s like a Mondrian painting, and would make quite a challenging jigsaw.

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus cars, used to say, “simplify and add lightness.”  I say, “simplify and add interest.”

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