Quick, before the leaves come!

In the UK spring is here, and the trees are beginning to be in leaf.  If you want to get some tree silhouettes before they are finally in full leaf you need to move fast!

Here I’ve captured a beech wood with the late afternoon sun.  I used the widest angle I have on my TZ-70.  It’s the equivalent of around 24mm.  The tree canopy fills up the whole frame and the sun is diffracting nicely between some branches.

It’s not just a direct image of the tree silhouette that works.  If the light is right, late afternoon again, you can also play with the tree’s shadow.  Here, in Stourhead gardens, I have turned the image upside down so you have to think a bit about what is going on.

Oh look, late afternoon light!  Have you noticed a theme here?  This is taken with a very wide-angle fisheye lens on my E-M10.  The curves of the trees are very sinuous, and once again the tree canopy is filling the frame.  There are some leaves open.

It’s the middle of April, so if you want to get some tree images with no, or few, leaves, you don’t have long.  What are you waiting for ?

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