Get down low for those spring flowers

It’s snowdrop time here in the UK.  They are very beautiful when you see them in swathes in a woodland, but the individual flowers are lovely too.  They are however, very good at hiding just how lovely they are.

Most people only really look at the flowers like this, in a clump.  Even getting down to their level, whilst it does improve the image, doesn’t show the detail inside the flower because the petals cover everything up.

You can, as I have blogged about before, lie on the ground so you are able look up into flowers (use a plastic sheet so you don’t get muddy), but here I was lucky enough to find some snowdrops growing on a steep roadside bank.  I’ve used a relatively simple compact camera, set on Macro focusing, to get a “worm’s eye view”up into the flower head.  The patterns are great, and there’s a surprising amount of colour.  The wide-angle view makes them look a little bit as if they are aliens plotting to takeover the world.

Today in the UK we have “Storm Doris” coming in, so it’s getting very windy.  That’s not great for flower photography outdoors, so I brought one of our snowdrops inside.  To make life harder for myself I decided to use my OnePlus One phone’s camera and get as close as I could.  I added a some light with an LED torch.  I had to use the self-timer to be able to frame, focus, hold the camera, hold the torch and release the shutter.  I like how the green pattern matches the shape of the white petals.

The moral?  Get down low to get all the beauty.

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