How do you keep the creativity going?

Recently a friend of mine asked if I ever had “Photographer’s Block”.  I told her it was always a possibility, but that I kept my creative juices flowing by setting myself little challenges.  Often when I do this I allow myself the use of only one lens.  This time it was my Nikon-fit Sigma 50mm macro prime lens on a Nikon to micro 4/3rds adapter.  It’s a combination that slows me down, as the lens is manual focus when on the adapter, and that’s a good thing.

Here I’ve focused on the reflection of some battery-powered LED Xmas lights on a small polished sculpture of a bird.  It has lovely curves and they have distorted the lights into a very appealing shape.  I shot at f2.8 to keep the background well out of focus, and to give round bokeh circles.  It makes for an interesting abstract.

There are words on very many of the thing we use everyday, but most of the time we don’t see them.  This was on the polished baseplate of an iron, and identified the “POWER ZONE” where lots of steam came out.  I’ve used the lack of depth of field to make the image ambiguous as to scale and context.

We sold a car this week, and when the buyer inspected it he noticed that the plastic “chrome plating” round the edge of one of the front indicator focusing lenses had partly peeled off.  We hadn’t noticed it, and it was very odd.  The lens was about 4cm diameter and the longest peeled off strand was about 3 cm long.  I used the shallowest depth of field I could to show just one part of the subject in focus.  The rest is all softness and bokeh.  It no longer looks man-made, but appears more like an organic structure.

So, a productive mini-challenge.  Why not try one yourself?

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