Capturing Autumn colour

It’s Autumn (Fall) here in the UK, and the leaves are turning.  The deciduous trees and shrubs with their beautiful colours will be looking glorious quite soon.  As with all things photographic there’s a way to lift your leaf images, and that is to get the angle of the light right.  Take these three images of the underside of a dogwood leaf taken on a bright sunny day…


Here the light is pretty well dead flat on the leaf.  You can see the ribs, but they aren’t that well defined.  The colour is a bit subdued too.


Moving the leaf so that the light was coming across at an angle gave much more contrast, texture and dimensionality.  The rib structure was made much more visible..


In the third image I turned the leaf so the sunlight shone through it.  The translucency really brings the colour up, and the contrast between the leaf and the background is increased.  The ribs are silhouetted. To me this is the most attractive image.


So look for where the light is coming from, and try and get images where it shines through the leaves. Hurry, they’ll have fallen soon…

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