A close-up compact in the garden.

Yesterday (8th June), it was very sunny here in Watchfield.  Whilst that isn’t always the best sort of weather for photography, what with the hard shadows and all, it is good weather for using compact cameras.  Compact cameras, with small image sensors, need lots of light to give the best image quality.  My Lumix TZ-70 is a very sophisticated compact camera, but it still has a small sensor.


One trick that many compact cameras have is that they focus the closest when the zoom lens is set at its widest angle.  You can use this to take close-up (Macro) wide-angle images that would be harder to take with larger sensor cameras.  With this image of osteospermums I’ve set the camera to Macro focussing and focused on the foreground flower (with bonus cricket!).  The other flowers are going nicely out of focus.


Here I’ve got as close as I can to this seedhead inside a large poppy flower.  The front of the lens was almost touching the seedhead, but not shading it from the sunlight, so lots of light still got into the flower.


This last image is of a cosmos flower and it’s become almost an abstract pattern picture, with rich colour saturation.  The structure of the flower centre is well rendered with lots of detail.

These images show that you don’t need an expensive camera to get good images in a garden.  Just use the Macro setting on your compact camera and get out there on a sunny day.

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