LED there be light!

I posted recently about an LED toy that I had bought to try some light trail images.  Well, I’ve now got a supply of different toys; a box of 30 in fact.  They are flashing LED finger lights, which flash either red/green or red/blue. Using these toys I’ve made a simple version of the very cool “Pixelstick”.  I used my Olympus EM-10 for these images as it has a really useful “Live Composite” setting which shows the image’s progress on the rear screen.


The device I’ve made involves 12 finger lights on a length of finger-sized plastic tube which can be attached to a cordless electric drill to make it rotate.  Here I’ve done 3 passes at different heights, with or without rotation, at a reasonable distance from the camera.  The house in the background is a friend’s amazing 18th Century hunting lodge which was lit with a flash fitted with a red filter.  Should have turned the house lights off first…


I’ve come closer so the lights are bigger in relation to the house, which is now lit with LED head torches, and again used three passes at 3 levels.  The light patterns are interesting but there’s no connection with the lights and the house in the background.  It’s a bit “hectic” with a lot of trail and not much house.


In this last image I’ve walked across the garden twirling the device and then gone into house. I’ve gone into each room and twirled it around.  There’s now more of a link to the house, and the trails in the garden leads you to the house door.  The trails are now more in proportion with the darker areas.

I’ll be taking these toys to my new “Movement in Photography” workshop at the RPS in Bath.  Should be fun…

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