LED photo fun!

Light trail photography is fun, and I was thinking of getting a Pixelstick to help push my boundaries in this area.  For an occasional user, it’s what’s called a “considered purchase”, so I wondered if I could get a simpler device to try some ideas out with.  After quite a bit of searching on sites such as Amazon I came across an LED fibre-optic toy.  It’s a very cheap device, but has colour-changing LEDs and fibre-optic strands.

When I first picked it up I realised it was a cool object for macro photography, so it was out with my Sigma macro lens to see what I could do.  Being long thin objects the fibres can be used to give lead-in lines to the composition,


The LEDs and fibre bundles are arranged in a line, so one colour can be used as a different background to the foreground colour.  Here an out-of-focus green fibre bundle acts as a foil to the sharply rendered blue lit fibre strands.Derek-Gale-subject-movement-Feb-2016-blog

As I said at the start I bought the toy to do light trail photography.  It has various modes, and with this indoor image the LEDs were set to flash on and off to give blocks of light.  You can see the multiple lines from the fibres quite clearly.


Outdoors you can move faster, and with the LEDs on the toy set to continuous mode the light trails have no gaps.  The individual fibres can’t be seen and you get a smooth rainbow effect.  I banged the tripod to make the lit windows in the background have some wobble too.

It’s going to be a fun thing to work with.  My next exercise will be to light the building in the background with coloured flash gels as well as having light trails.

I’ll keep you posted!

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