Happy Christmas and a great New Year!!

For me it’s been a fascinating year photographically.  I’ve moved from dSLRs to micro 4/3rds and I now use a mixture of mostly Panasonic and Olympus gear.  The micro 4/3rds system gives me the image quality I need with the benefits of lighter and more compact bodies and lenses.  The Olympus bodies also have various tricks such as “Live Composite”.  Look out for some images from that soon.


I can still get the “bokeh” images I love.  This image is, of course, Christmas tree lights.  I reckon they look like Venn diagrams.  The little dark dots in some of the circles are fascinating.


The tree lights also reflected nicely in a brass dimmer switch, to give an abstract image with mysterious shapes and textures.

I hope that your photographic year has been as interesting.  Do let me know.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a phabulously photographic New Year!!!

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