Lens distortion? I love it!

Yesterday, Nov 11th, was my birthday and a friend gave me an optical toy as a present.  It was an insect-eye “kaleidoscope” that had a faceted lens at the front.  The lens produces distorted multiple versions of whatever is in front of it.


It’s got a quite deep wooden housing as it’s made to suit the human eye, but I wondered what would happen if I tried taking pictures through it.


The hole you look through is quite small, so a DSLR lens or even a micro 4/3rds lens is too big.  I used a zoom compact which fitted the hole nicely.  I found that the lens need to be zoomed out somewhat to avoid giving a circular image in the centre of the frame, although the circle is an interesting effect.


Zooming till the image fills the frame produces images that have a little bit of “cubism” in that the different facets show a slightly different view of the subject.  There’s a lot of colour fringing


The pattern repeat makes the images tend towards the abstract, whilst the colour fringing and edge distortion focus your eye towards the centre of the image.

It’s a fun thing, and we are, after all, supposed to have fun with our photography.  I’m looking forward to trying out more ideas…

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