Take the weight off your feet.

When you’re travelling you sometimes need to have a rest, and this is where chairs come in handy. If you are in a grand building it’s easy to overlook the functional furniture, but there are interesting images to be found.



In Yorkshire’s Ampleforth Abbey I saw a single chair near a pool of sunlight.  A quick adjustment to its position gave a good shadow and a dark background.  I’ve darkened the background a bit more in post-processing to give a feeling of solitude.  It’s got a similar composition to the images in the my last post, with lots of space.

"All the same, but different"

“All the same, but all different”

Lots and lots of chairs here in Ely Cathedral.  Once again there were pools of light, which gave a nice range of tones in the image and added to the design.  I used a telephoto lens to give a bit of perspective compression.  What struck me was the fact that, because they use wood, all the chairs are different even though they are mass-produced.

"Pattern of chairs"

“Pattern of chairs”

Still in Ely Cathedral, in the Lady Chapel, these chairs are all the same. Once again I’ve used a telephoto lens to make the pattern more obvious.  It’s a study of diagonal and horizontal lines, and of machine precision.

They’re just chairs, but it’s worth taking a closer look.

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