Ice Ice Baby.

Firstly: Happy New Year!  I hope Santa brought lots of photographic goodies.

I got a new camera bag for Christmas, popped my Olympus OMD E-M10 in it, and tested it on a cold day by going for a walk near my Oxfordshire studio.  On my walk I came across a frozen puddle.  The ice had been broken and there were various shards of quite thick ice floating in the water.  I picked one up and balanced it on a nearby gate post.

"Close up"

“Close up ice shard”

It was not far off sunset and the winter sun was at a low angle.  I positioned myself so that the sun was just over the top of the post and shining through the ice.  It’s picked out the details of the air bubbles in the ice, and given a lovely light/dark edge to the shard.

"Let the brightness take you"

“Let the brightness lead you”

Next, I moved a bit further away and put the shard into a more unusual place in the frame.  I added a couple of exposure gradients in Lightroom in order to darken the top and the left of the frame.  This darkening leads your eye to the beauty of the light shining through the ice.  It also enhances the clouds/contrails in the sky.

The shard then fell off and broke!

"Another shard and the sun"

“Another shard and the sun”

There were plenty of other shards around, so another one was pressed into service as a “light capturer”.  This final image has features of the preceding two images, with an off-centre composition and a gradient in Lightroom.  The shard was melting slightly and the drop of water on its bottom left adds to the story.

Just ice from a puddle, but full of beauty and interest.

The bag?  Well, on my walk one of the zips failed!  The shop changed the bag with no quibbles, and I’m happy with it.  Quite a bit bigger than my other bag, but not too big.

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