Happy Christmas from Derek @ Gale Photography!

It’s almost Christmas, your Christmas tree is in place, and you want to take a picture of it, to show how pretty it looks.  So how do you do that?  Well, the first thing is to make sure your flash doesn’t fire.  The tree has its own lights so you don’t need to add any more light to it.  The light isn’t usually very strong, so you may end up with a long shutter speed, and need to use a camera support.

"The Christmas tree"

“The Christmas tree”

For this Christmas tree image I put the camera on a coffee table; no need for a cumbersome tripod!  I wanted the lights to render as stars, so I used a small lens aperture of f16.  The shutter speed was about 6 seconds, but the table made sure the image was pin sharp.  I wanted the tree to be the only light source, so I turned off all the room lights.

"Ice rink in Birmingham"

“Ice rink in Birmingham”

Of course, sometimes you want to use blur creatively, as with this image of an ice-skater on a temporary Christmas ice-rink.  It was taken from inside the International Conference Centre in Birmingham, UK, and the blur comes from using a shutter speed of 1/3rd of a second.  I waited until a woman in a red dress skated past.  She acts as strong main subject and the blur gives the impression of movement and action.

Have a great Christmas and a Phabulously Photographic 2105!

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