Quick, before the light goes!

This time of year, it’s now winter here in the UK, the light at any given time of day is quite different the light at the same time in the middle of the year.  The sun is at a much lower angle in the sky, and your subjects can get lit in very interesting ways.  Another thing that can happen is frost.  It’s fascinating whilst still frozen, and differently interesting when it thaws.

"Grassy Bokeh"

“Grassy Bokeh”

For this image, of thawed frost on grass, I used a wide-aperture Nikon-fit Sigma 70-200 lens on an Olympus micro 4/3rds camera and got down to ground level.  The low camera position allowed me to capture the low morning sun shining through the water droplets.  The very limited depth of field has rendered the out focus areas as circles.

"Frosty landscape?"

“Frosty landscape?”

This image looks like a frosty landscape with a road going across it, but appearances can be deceptive. It is frost, but the main subject is the roof of my car!  The line across at about 1/3rd of the way down is actually the gap between my car’s bootlid and the roof. The sun at the top centre is shining between a hedge and my studio.  I used a wide-angle lens (28mm equivalent) to exaggerate the perspective and a small lens aperture to give the starburst.  The light was like that for less than 5 minutes.

"The fig in the window"

“The fig in the window”

Finally a “fig in the window”.   The low winter sun was reflecting off a window of our neighbour’s house and on to our kitchen window.  It only happens a few times in the year.  We have a terracotta colour roller blind in the window, and a variegated fig plant.  The light was silhouetting the plant too much, so I’ve had to lift the exposure on the leaves in Photoshop.

So be quick, before the light goes!

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