Just a drop please…

At a recent keynote presentation I gave on creative photography, one aspect that I touched on was the use of distorting objects, or materials, in front of the lens.  This blog is about that, in a way…

These images were all taken with a mobile phone camera.  I put a tiny water droplet on the lens of the camera and found it acted as a macro lens, albeit one with quite a small area of sharp focus.  If you try this make sure it’s a small droplet or it will fall off when you hold the camera vertical.  It focused very close indeed, and had quite a wide field of view.

"Droplet lens - tablet screen droplets"

“Droplet lens – tablet screen droplets”

This first image is of water droplets, (of course!), on the screen of my tablet.  I was running an app that let me change the screen colour.  I tried various colours and found that white worked best.  There are some nice spectra round the droplets and the screen construction is quite clear.

"Droplet lens - LED lamp"

“Droplet lens – LED lamp”

Here’s an LED from a bicycle lamp.  Lots of lovely shapes in this image of one of the lamp’s lenses.

"Droplet lens - perfume bottle"

“Droplet lens – perfume bottle”

Finally, this is of the top of a perfume bottle.  The bottle has got some coloured foil lining it and angles/facets that give spectra.

Just a mobile phone and a drop of water, but fascinating images.

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