It’s also all about the angle…

In my last post I wrote about the angle of the light.  Today’s post is about the angle of view and also the viewpoint you take the image from.  These examples were taken today of some fabulous poppies in my neighbour’s garden.

"Long lens poppies"

“Long lens poppies”

For this image I chose a long telephoto lens and I was at my normal height.  The lens has the equivalent field of view of a 600 mm lens on a full frame camera.  The poppies are clearly shown against an out of focus background.

"Low angle wide-angle poppies"

“Low angle wide-angle poppies”

Here I’ve used a wide-angle lens and got low down against the sun.  The field of view is the equivalent of a ca. 20 mm lens on a full-frame camera.  You can see much more of the poppies’ environment, and the low angle adds some drama with the petals now backlit.

"Low angle long-lens  poppies"

“Low angle long-lens poppies”

In this final image I’ve used the low viewpoint with the long lens.  The image has the backlit petals, and the long lens isolation.

All I’ve done with these images is to change my lens focal length and my viewpoint height.  They’re simple changes that make a massive change to how your images look.

Get out, get low, and give it a go!

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