“And so this is Christmas”

OK, so it’s traditional at Christmas/New Year to summarise how the year has been.  Why should I be any different?  

This year has been fun!!!   Let me tell you why…   

Being a social photographer and photographic trainer is as much about working with people as it is about photography, and it’s people that make life interesting.  Every portrait shoot, every wedding, and every photographic training session is different.  It’s because the people involved are different, the circumstances are different, and if you are shooting outside the light is always different.  Take this recent portrait shoot at my studio. 

"Off camera flash portrait" by Gale Photography
“Off camera flash portrait” by Gale Photography

I’ve used this background many times before, but during the portrait shoot the sun came out low to the right and turned her hair golden.  A quick balance of the sunlight with off-camera flash, and it’s a very stylish image.  The light changed everything.  On another day the images would have a completely different feel to them.

At weddings the brides and grooms have reacted to their day in different ways.  Some were calm & collected taking the day as it comes, some were excited & wanted everything to be “just so”.  However they were it was a real privilege to have been their wedding photographer, and to have helped them remember their day. 

"Bride arriving" by Gale Photography

"Bride arriving" by Gale Photography

Here I was able to shoot with available light, which gave a nice pale background, and record the emotion in the bride’s face as she arrived in her wedding car at the church. 

On our photographic training courses we’ve had a great mix of people, from serious amateurs, to people with simple compact cameras who just want to take better photographs.  Every course has had its own atmosphere and direction, I’ve had a lot of fun, and I always learn something too! 

"Window abstract" by Gale Photography

"Window abstract" by Gale Photography

So I’d like to say a big “Thank You” to all of our portrait photography and wedding photography clients, to our photographic training course delegates, and also to our blog subscribers.  I’m looking forward to another year of photographic fun in 2010!

Have a great New Year.


AlisonJanuary 8, 2010 - 5:21 pm

Really looking forward to taking The Creative Eye course in February … I was lucky enough to receive not one but TWO new cameras over Xmas/birthday – a Canon EOS 1000D DSLR and a Samsung pocket camera – just need the creative inspiration now!

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