Goodbye Didcot Power Station

In the next few months we may well see the demolition of one of Oxfordshire’s most famous landmarks; the cooling towers of the “Didcot A” coal-fired power station.  The power station closed a while back as it could not be made to meet EU emission standards.  It reminded me to look at some images I took before it was thought that it might close.  To give you an idea of how long ago it was, I took the shots with a then-new Olympus C2500 which had an almost unheard of 2.5 megapixels!

"Didcot Cooling tower" by Derek Gale

“Didcot Cooling tower” by Derek Gale

This is one of the 6 cooling towers that form such a part of the landscape of South Oxfordshire.  There was an attempt to save them but to no avail.  They will be demolished.

"Didcot pipes" by Derek Gale

“Didcot pipes” by Derek Gale

Power stations are very complicated things, and here’s some pipework to show you just a little bit of that complication.  It would be interesting to try and replace one of the lower pipes!

"Didcot Control Room" by Derek Gale

“Didcot Control Room” by Derek Gale

Here’s the heart of the matter; the control room.  These days power stations are full of very large flat monitors, but not here.  There are a few CRT displays, but it’s mostly dials and lights.

It felt so large and permanent and I didn’t think it would all be gone in my lifetime.  At least I have some images to remind me.  That’s the power of photography.

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