The devil is in the detail(s)

I recently went to the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival (BIAMF).  There were lots of exotic cars, but it was hard to get a whole car without someone in the frame.  The solution?  Get in close and get those little details that make a car different.

"Diabolo badge" by Derek Gale

“Lamborghini Diabolo badge” by Derek Gale

Take this (very yellow) Lamborghini Diabolo VT.  Just the badge and the vent/duct in the background tell you all you need to know.  It’s an extreme sports car.

"Lamborghini headlight" by Derek Gale

“Lamborghini Aventador headlight” by Derek Gale

The headlight detail tells the same story.  It’s on a Lamborghini Aventador, and it’s all angles and aggression.  The squashed insects tell you the car’s been driven “briskly”.

"Sebring filler cap" by Derek Gale

“Maserati Sebring filler cap” by Derek Gale

This image take us back to a more genteel time, when Grand Tourers were high-speed cars you drove across Europe in a day, and stepped out of at a grand hotel.  It’s the fuel filler flap of a 1960’s Maserati Sebring, a car that’s all grace and elegance compared to the brute force of the modern Lamborghinis.

Details are great.

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