Stuck inside ‘cos it’s raining again!

It’s probably not escaped your attention that here in the UK it’s been raining quite a lot this winter.  There’s a limit to how many water images you can shoot (I’ve shot loads this year!), so what can you photograph when you’re stuck inside again because of the weather?  I reckon there’s lots, especially abstract images!  Just turn on your imagination.

"Kaleidoscope window" by Derek Gale

“Kaleidoscope window” by Derek Gale

You could get out your optical toys, here a simple plastics-lensed insect eye kaleidoscope, and just look out of the window.  You need to use a camera phone or compact camera for this type of image as DSLR lenses are just too big to fit inside the toy.

"The clothes airer" by Derek Gale

“The clothes dryer” by Derek Gale

You could take advantage of the lack of light when it’s raining, use a long shutter speed, combine it with flash, and move the camera during the exposure.  It’s a fun way to get images where there’s blur mixed with sharpness.  Here’s the clothes dryer!

"Wrapping paper" by Derek Gale

“Wrapping paper” by Derek Gale

Not got a clothes dryer?  Wrapping paper works well too!  In this case it’s holographic wrapping paper which gives spectra from incident light sources. The swirling colours and shapes are fabulous.  Don’t use flash, just use a long shutter speed and move the camera in a twisting motion.

"Kaleidoscope toes" by Derek Gale

“Kaleidoscope toes” by Derek Gale

If you’ve got access to a better quality insect-eye kaleidoscope you can get different types of  images. Just ask a passing person if you can photograph their toes, (OK, it was a visiting friend), and behold “foot flowers”.

Stuck inside because of the weather?  It’s a great photographic opportunity!

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