Water, water, everywhere (again!)

You may, if you live in the UK, have noticed that it’s been raining quite a bit this winter.  Heavy rain and strong winds aren’t very attractive to be out photographing in; you, and your camera, can get very wet!  Not good if your camera isn’t weather sealed.  So what can you do?

"Sun screen?" by Derek Gale

“Sun screen?” by Derek Gale

Well, if you’ve gone out for a photographic trip you can wait in your car for a break in the weather.  You don’t even need to leave your car to get interesting images.  Here I focused on the wire elements in my heated front windscreen.  There’s a nice contrast between the heating wires and the other, natural, elements visible; the sun and raindrops.  Of course, when the shower has passed the light can be wonderful.

"Wet road on the Plain" by Derek Gale

“Wet road on the Plain” by Derek Gale

This wet road on Salisbury Plain is a case in point.  The shower has left the road covered in very reflective water, and there’s a lovely curve of shiny wet road (to Imber village)  in the distance.  I put lots of foreground in the composition because the textures and lines on the broken tarmac are wonderful.  The rain does make the rivers and streams run full too…

"Stanford waterfall" by Derek Gale

“Stanford waterfall” by Derek Gale

Without lots of rain this stream would be just a trickle.  I wanted a fixed point of reference to give contrast to the flowing water, and the rock and branch/twig fitted the bill nicely.  I used a simple travel zoom compact camera, set on Shutter Priority.  A shutter speed of about 1/15th of a second gave enough blur without losing too much texture.  I had no tripod so I wedged the camera into a bridge support to reduce camera shake.

Lots of rain a problem?  Yes, of course, but remember to take your camera with you as well as an umbrella!

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