It’s as wide as it is long.

Recently I was down in Weston-super-Mare for lunch.  I say “lunch” but it was actually a sandwich on the almost empty promenade at about 3.15pm.  That’s a bit late for lunch these days when it gets dark so early.  Still, the sky was fabulous as the sun was setting behind Brean Down.  I had a travel zoom compact with me, (always carry a camera), so took a few images.  There’s always a composition decision to take with landscapes like these.  It’s whether to take them as wide angle images or to use a longer (telephoto) lens to capture details.

"Weston sunset: wide" by Derek Gale

“Weston sunset: wide” by Derek Gale

Here’s the wide-angle shot.  The beach sand was too dry and dark to add any foreground interest so I found a large salt-water pool to reflect the sun and sky in.  The breeze was rippling the pool’s water so that the reflection was broken up into an abstract pattern.  I placed the “gull on a post” off-centre on the right to balance the position of the sun.

"Weston sunset: long" by Derek Gale

“Weston sunset: long” by Derek Gale

The gull was facing towards the sun, and it caught my eye.  I moved so it was in line with the sun, placed the sun behind the post to reduce flare, and zoomed to about 300mm equivalent.  The gull’s nicely caught against a line of dark cloud, and there are some attractive shapes and reflections in the sky and water.  It’s no longer an image that shows Weston.  It’s more of a generic seaside sunset.

Wide or long?  Actually it’s best to take both!

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